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The best classroom isn’t a classroom at all. Explore the world with Engaged Education for an educational experience that promotes learning through firsthand real-world experiences.

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We seek to create authentic, life-changing, and socially responsible experiences.

Engaged Education, a division of MEDLIFE—a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization—partners with low-income communities in Latin America and Africa. For over 19 years, MEDLIFE’s Service Learning Trips have empowered impoverished communities by improving access to medicine, education, and community development projects.

Engaged Education goes beyond typical travel education by rejecting traditional voluntourism and the “white savior” narrative. We are committed to offering transformative and socially responsible programs that blend educational content with immersive experiences. Our goal is to expand our participant’s perspectives, enhance cross-cultural understanding, and foster genuine, sustainable benefits for the communities we engage with. Learn more about our approach here.

Responsible Travel

Travel with the knowledge that your journey has a meaningful impact on the places and people you meet along the way. Meet locals, from community members who bring each destination to life.

Locally-based Guides

Discover the authentic charm of our trips with our engaged local guides. They bring a deep understanding and appreciation of the communities we visit, making each experience truly exceptional and unforgettable.

Customized Tours

All our experiences are designed to be customized to the needs of our participants, adapting to different sizes of groups and interests, but always respecting the culture, diversity, and message of our partner communities.

Proven Safely

With nearly 20 years of experience, MEDLIFE has confidently led thousands of volunteers on our trips. Our track record demonstrates our unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety of both our participants and the communities we support.


Our Diverse Educational Tour Themes

We recognize that each student has unique interests and aspirations. Our diverse range of themes can be combined to tailor experiences, ensuring there is something for everyone.

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Read their inspiring stories

Shardé J.

Educator, Drexel University


I find that this is important for our students because even though we did a lot of reading and they had a lot of resources at their fingertips, you can’t really personify it until you see the people in front of you. I think our students really took advantage of this experience to learn, and to make mistakes, and just get in there, and be participatory.

Ahaji S.

Educator, Drexel University


We were able to meet with community-based organizations and learn from elders and experts in indigenous communities. Community-centered learning is such an impactful way to teach and educate and to expose students to global education by meeting communities and really placing them as the focal point of the learning itself.